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New Zealand Wooden Pallet & Container Association

Setting the Standards for New Zealand Pallet Manufacturing



  1. If I want to join the Association or seek technical advice what should I do

    In the first instance contact the secretary( David Jamieson) on 09 2520171 or email david@palletsupplies.co.nz


  2. Why should I deal with a member of the Association

    Members of the Association have Rules and Standards  which they must adhere to. Peer review through a Complaint procedure ensures  a quality level that can be relied upon.

  3. Is there such a thing as a Standard pallet

    No there is not. Pallets come in a large variety of sizes and specifications. It is best to discuss with your supplier to ensure the specification you require addresses the size,loading,ultimate use etc.

  4. Are there manufacturing quality standards that must be followed

    Each manufacturer is responsible for manufacturing pallets that are 'fit for purpose'.It is therefore important to ensure your supplier understands your needs and the end use of the pallet.

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